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Thread: How do I said up Video calling on phone

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    Default How do I said up Video calling on phone

    Hello everyone,,,

    I wanted to know 2 things.

    1) For setting up video phones for a client who has a M8l, so they can connect to different remote sites through sip trunk, do they need a license for this feature.
    They have the yealink phone VP530.xvideos xnxx xxx

    2) How do I setup this up, for the phones to use the video feature in the pbx m8l so, they can video call for all their remote site, i think they have 5 location.
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    Hello Lincoln12,

    1) Yes, there needs to be a video license activated on the M8L for video conference calls.

    2) First a conference extension needs to be created in the Quadro GUI. Next, a video codec needs to be selected for that extension. Please note that the video phones also need to have that same video codec selected from their ends. Lastly, from the Quadro GUI the desired participants need to be enabled to make a video call within that conference extension.

    Epygi Support

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