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Thread: Which PBX to purchase for small/med enterprise

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    Default Which PBX to purchase for small/med enterprise

    Hi there,

    My company is a small/mid sized business that is still using an ancient system, A Nortel Networks BCM400 with an 1000e expansion.

    I'm in the market for a new VOIP system and have been pooling over the many different PBX solutions out there (DIY or Appliance). fetLife itunes

    Right now i'm reviewing different appliances and i'm looking at the GrandStream UCM 6510 and the Sangoma PBXact 400.

    I have roughly 100 phones and most phone calls are internally routed calls from department to department. We make a lot of long distance calls to all sorts of random places around the world. But really there won't be more than say 30 concurrent calls at once.

    I'm worried that the GrandStream PBX which is only a 1Ghz ARM 9 with 1GB RAM is not going to be enough, Which is why i'm looking at the Sangoma PBXact which is a Core i5 with 8GB of ram and SSD Raid 5.

    The price difference is not a big deal, because performance and stability is key here. Spending another few thousand isn't a big deal.
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