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Thread: 3PCC Running on the Quadro6L

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    Can someone please tell me if the NEW 3PCC ActiveX works on the Quadro 6L?

    I am testing it on the quadro4X running Firmware Version: 4.1.38/Release and there are no problems.

    same program on the Quadro 6L won't log in.

    when the password or ip is whong it lets you know.

    when it is correct it locks up.

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    What is the version of your 6L ?

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    The new 3PCC works without problem with the 6L's "image_6L_4_1_30P8.bin" version. Please note, that you need to have feature key installed on QuadroFXO6Lto activate3PCC support, also firewall access must be configuredin Firewall Configuration of 6L. It seems that you have all that conditions on your Quadro4x, that's why you are able to use the 3PCC on that Quadro.

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    so you can try what i mean here is a trial copy ontrol_Trial.msi

    the software works well on the 4x but does not play files on the 6L

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    If I'm not mistaken, you are in touch with our Technical Support. they are working on your problem and the answer will be provided through TSS channel. You are free to share your experience here later.

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    the 6L versionimage_6L_4_1_30P8.bin Doesant like the code

    cCallControl.SetConnectionMode Secure


    cCallControl.GetSystemInfo gUniqueID, gSoftVersion

    Which has now been fix up (removed) and now looks like it is working OK

    If anyone has segestions for the software please let me Know.

    I will look to intergrate it into other POS systems in the future. It only supports Protouch software at the moment for Caller id sending. (For pizza place or Phone ordering)

    The Coms are over TCP/IP

    Thank You



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