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Thread: how do i Upload Custom wav files for 3pcc

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    I have the Epygi 6L .

    I have made a 3PCC Program for Pizza Places that works gr8 on a 4X But where do i Upload the custom wav files to on the 6L.

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    Hi, can you specify what particular custom messages you want to change on 6L ?You cancustomize all themessages on your 6L from the same places as in Quadro4x.

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    They need a messages:

    "Welcome to pizza Plaza"

    "our hours are between ...."

    "You are "

    "in the QUE"

    "our specials are..."

    ect. ect.

    You need the wav files uploaded to the pbx to use in the 3PCCProgram i Made. "Epygi Call Control".

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    Not sure I understand your request. I asked to list not the messages, but the files' place. Let's say the "Welcome to pizza Plaza" should be uploaded to the Auto Attendant, I think. Or, "You are in the QUE" message - to the extension's Queue Settings page. Or, maybe you want to upload the messages using 3pcc program ?Edited by: aramk

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    For the 3PCC Software to play the File It need's to be on the PBX.

    The question is, Where do i put that file?


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    If you have configured your 4x, then you must know the places for messages. You can change the AA greeting from the "Users -> Extensions Managemant -> 00 -> Atendant Scenario - 00" page. The Call Queue message can be changed from "Users -> Extensions Managemant ->Edit Extension-> Call Queue Settings" page. Extensions' Voice Mails greeting and other personal messages can be changedfrom extension's login pages for every extension, as well as from "Users -> Extensions Managemant ->Upload Universal Extension Recordings (link at bottom)" page for all extensions.

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