I will try to be clear.

One Quadro, some SIP phones (Snom, Astra, ...)or others and Nokia E series phones.

The Nokia E series phones come by default with a SIP client and could be registered on Quadro, like a classic SIP phone. Everything works great. You can make internal calls with others extensions or make external calls and of course be reacheable by your PBX extension (eg. : extension 20).

My question is: Instead of having two phone numbers (the extension 20 and the GSM number), the idea will be to have only one unique phone number managed by the staff, the GSM one. And so, to be automaticly reachable to the office or out of the office by this number. The Quadro should deal with the registered status of the IP lines or something else to find the phone and establish the call.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions to configure the Quadro.


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