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    Hello to all,
    I have a Quadro4x4 which has been put in to replace a Asterisk system as the owner did not like the idea of a PC being his phone system. This being the 1st Quadro I have ever seen Im having a few config problems. My question is ...... do any of you guys do remote config by request with the option of a paypal "donation" for you time spent. It is a very simple install (and worked very well using asterisk). 10 x Snom360 (local) 1 x Snom360 (remote) 4 x PSTN lines (1 is a GSM Dialer) and 1 SIP account with a Australian VoIP Provider. I can give more detailed requirements when required.
    Any help would be awesome.....



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    I doubt somebody from Epygi would do that for Paypal donation... According to contract, we cannot do any workfor another company/person, while working at Epygi. If you have access to our TSS, you can open a ticket, so we are able to help you through established channels. Otherwise you'll have to contact your local distributor. Actually Alloy guys are very good, and I think they will be happy to help you, especially for some compensation

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    There are always the Alloy Resellers : )

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    If you run into problems, I'll lend a hand.

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