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Thread: Snom D375 replace D370

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    Question Snom D375 replace D370

    I'm replacing a Snom D370 with a D375 on a Quadro (Boot loader: 5.2.8/Release Firmware Version: 5.3.75/Release)
    I have 4 ISDN BRI Trunks connected

    1. I can't see model D375 listed as an option so I stuck with the D370
    2. When I added the new phone, whenever the user makes a call (internal or external) the call rings and then disconnects on answer
    3. I also see 4 line appearances on the screen labelled SLA1-4 which seem to map to the ISDN trunks. - Seelcting one of these lines and making an outbound call is successful.

    I guess this is possible due to incorrect firmware on the D375 and selecting a D370 as the phone device?

    I'm brand new to Epygi (worked with Cisco, Asterisk, etc) - I'd welcome any advice on where to start troubleshooting would be most welcome.
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