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Thread: Problems with Grandstream IP Phone

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    I have problems with my grandstream bt200 displayed in the screen 486, and not let me make calls from any type.

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    It seems that your phone is not configured properly. Please refer to documentation about IP-Phones configuration with Quadro, that can be found in our WEB, under "Support Login -> Downloads -> ConfiguraingIP-Lines and IP-Phones with Quadro" section.

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    486 is the "Busy Here" error. This is probably sent by server and it could be caused by a lot of reasons. For example your line may be unregistered or is not configured at all...

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    The problem is that this phone operating and one day to another occurs this problem

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    Check the configuration of the phone on the Quadro's "IP-Lines Settings" again, then make sure if it is registered on the Quadro from the "System -> Status -> IP-Lines Registration Status" page. We recommend to use Autoconfiguration feature for Grandstream BT200. The detailed steps of configuration can be found in the same place, as I wrote in my previous comment.

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    I use the autoconfiguration, and it works fine for a moment and then the error occurs

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    Sorry, but you are not saying anythingabout registration status here. Have you checked the registration status on the Quadro ? May it be that the Quadro were rebooted befor this problem happenor there were connection lossbetween the phone and Quadro? Try to reboot your phone to initiate a new registration with Quadro.

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    I set the autoconfiguration by phone, the phone is registered and fully functioning properly for a while, and then the error occurs and I have to reboot the phone to remove the error, but what strange is that the phone isregistreded when the occurre error.

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    If the problem is reproducable, then download the Quadrosystemlogs right after this problem will occure again, open a TSS case and attach the logs there. If you are an end-user, and have no permission to opena TSS case, then refer to your Distributor/Reseller to do so.

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    Default 486 problem

    Dont mean to jump in to this . but, I had a similar proplem. it would also depend on which epygi unit you have. but, I had a similar problem with the epygi 16x and after checking my registration status and phone were registered with the epygi unit , I would always get a 486 error on the bt100 and bt200 it appeared to be random sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn't. this is what fixed my system.
    question is : what firmware version are you on? if 4.1.40 or below.
    I contacted epygi support they told me that this was a problem that they were working on with some of the grandstream phones and they upgraded my firmware to 4.1.45 this took care of that problem or at least it does not happen that often, however this is still in beta testing and I am sure there are problems with that. just my 2 cents worth..... hopefully this did not step on anyones toes.....

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