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Thread: Caller ID and Distinctive Ringing

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    How do I setup Distinctive Ringingand KEEP original Caller ID.

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    Very strange I'll suggest you to open aTSS request and attach systemlogs gathered from Quadro. But firstfind the answers of your questions.

    Distinctive Ringing can be configured at extension login, from the "Supplementary Services -> Called ID Based Services -> Distinctive Ringing" page. I think you know about it. There is no "Keep original CallerID" for that feature, if the Nickname is not specified, then the CallerID of caller must be seen on the phone display, but not the ringing pattern name. Do you have the same picture for all callers, or maybeon the particular calls, lets say from some ITSP/IP-PSTNor PSTN/ISDNprovider ? Are that calls have CallerID ? You can check it bydisabling Distinctive Ringing or by looking into Call Statistics.Do you have the same picture on all your phones ? What is the phone model, on which you have this problem ?

    Actually it is possible to have some Nickname in front of CallerID, it can be done via Routing, but I afraid that you can't use Distinctive Ringing in that case.

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    I suspest that this is IP-Phone and the caller has no CallerID, or there is some configuration either on Quadro or on phone.

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