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Thread: Conference Calls

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    The codec is not a matter in that case, but it seems you have some fundamental problem there, as I can see that non of your attempts of making conference were successful. Could you please try the same again with disabled "built-in" hold music on SPA922 ? Maybe in the cases when you have hold-music played to the conference parties, the conference is established actually, but you hear hold-music, because the SPA922 is sending it simplyignoring the conference.

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    I configured the IP lines as follow in order to get rid of the music: Send Hold Music to remote party <Enabled>, Listen Hold Music: <Off>, sorry about that I got confused, it seems that unless I do that the 922 will play music while on hold.

    Same results, except that instead of the hold music I get a very faint voice in the third phone in the conference, whennever the 922 is setting it up, in all other cases, the call is dropped

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    I think the problem here not in the IP-Line configuration, but in the 922 phoneitself. Change the IP-Line's Hold Music configuration back todefaultand check your phone's configuration, to see if there any setting is enabled connected to Hold Music management.

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    Hi all, I solved the problem, however, the solution won't work for my setup

    First of all, when a call is accepted by the attendant (Extension 00 in my setup) when the call is put on hold, there will ALWAYS be hold music, this confused me and I thought it was the SPA922 phones.

    Now for how I found the problem:

    Since I was a my at the end of my wits, I got an analog phone and plugged it in the first FXS port of the Quadro, since we don't have the license to use G.729 on the FXS ports I used G.711u. And then, lo and behold: I was able to setup a conference with the Analog Line AND the two Grandstreams (remember I had then on auto-provisioning)

    It turns out that the Grandstreams WON'T setup conference calls with 2 G.729 lines, at least one of the needs to be configured as G.711u.

    With this knowledge at hand I configured the SPA922, the BT200 and the GXP2000 to negotiate G7.11u, G7.11a AND G.729 and was able to setup conference calls between all three in any combination.

    I also discovered that I could set up a conference call between an outside call and the 2 Grandstreams with no problems, however was still unable to do so with the SPA922, WHEN the SPA922 setup the conference

    Further testing showed that the SPA922 will ONLY setup a conference call with two G.711u sessions. So I configured the line assigned to the attendant to setup calls with G.711u and was able to setup conferences with any of my extensions.

    So basically, the only solution to my problem (as far as I can see) is to use G.711u, however, at this time this is not possible because my current bandwidth is limited and will only allow three calls with G.711u.

    Even if I only used Grandstreams, it would be a partial solution cause I need AT LEAST one of the calls to be setup with G.711u

    So, the possible solutions are:
    - We increase our bandwidth so I can use G.711u for everything
    - Find phones that are able to handle conference calls with G.729 ONLY
    - Beg that the conference bridge functionality of the Quadro can do the dirty work for for us when released. (and of course pay for it, cause I suspect it will be an optional feature)

    So, that leaves me with two questions:

    ssteiner, since you seem to have some inside knowledge of Linksys Phones, do you think it is a possibility that a future release of software will allow to have the capability to use G.729 for conference calls (I suspect this will not happen, cause from what I understand G.729 is more processor intensive than G.711u)

    aramk, do you know if any of the phones supported in the Quadro CAN handle conference calls with only G.729?

    Thanks for your help guys
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    Hmmm ... very interesting. So there were a phone issue connected to some codecs' support. At least Snom (we recommend Snom190, 200, 220,300, 320 and360)phones can handle a conference with only G.729. I'll check with Aastra phones and will inform about results.

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    After some testing we've found that all the Aastra phones phones Supported by Epygi (Aastra 480i, 9133i, 9112i, 5xi series)also can handle conference with only G.729. Hence we can state, thatAll theEpygi Supported phones have that possibility.

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    Thanks aramk, I'll pass that info along to the boss, and watch him fume over the ride our local supplier took him on

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