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    Now on a 4x4 the sipt trunk has been renamed to a sip tunnel.

    on my 2x it is still a sip trunk.

    The user name is greyed out in both devices . I can no longer create the trunks(tunnels) between the two with a common username.


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    The "SIP Tunnel" was renamed to "SIP Trunk" to avoid a misunderstunding from customers side, because some ITSPs offer SIP tunneling. The reason for the difference you have on your Quadros is the different SW versions. The GA image 4.1.38 for 2x will be available soon, and you'll have there also "SIP Tunnels"too. Probably you haveupgraded your Quadro4x4 to the 4.1.38 already. We are sorry for inconvenience, butyou mustwait for the 4.1.38 release for 2x. Another solution is to downgrade you 4x4, but only in case if youhave old configuration back-uped, asdowngrade will erase your existing configuration.

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    Actually in the UK a lot of our ITSPs offer a "Sip Trunk" service... :O)

    Couldn't we call it a Sip-Link / Suo-Route or something!!

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    We know about that That was the reson for renaming "SIP Trunk" to "SIP Tunnel". Started from 4.1.38 release all the Quadro products will have "SIP Tunnel".

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