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Thread: Quadro2x & Snom blind transfer REPOST

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    Posted again due to apparent corruption of the last post?

    I have a Quadro2x connected to 8 snom300's and a snom320 reception phone...
    Quadro has latest firmware, snom's are using 6.5.12 with default codecs etc.
    (Automatically provisioned)

    My issue is if
    someone rings any extension and the Snom phone says "incoming call from blah"
    with the options "transfer or deny".. then if I press transfer button and dial
    the extension and press tick it just drops the call and the call goes to the
    voicemail of the extension it was transferred at. This happens on any of the
    phones including reception.

    If i answer the
    call first and then transfer it, it works fine.


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    That is normal, because in that case the Transfer orginizer is Snom phone, not Quadro.The correct way of Blind or Consultative Transfer, where the Transfer orginizer is Quadro,is described in "Quadro fetaureson Supported IP-Phones list" document, that can be found in the "Support Login -> Downloads - Configuration ofIP Lines and IP Phones"

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    Thanks for your reply,

    Ahh Ok thanks for that, It's ashame that feature is not supported thus I assume its only possible to transfer by answering first.

    Apon reading the guide pdf I noticed something funny about my snom320 phone - the icons on the tranfer and dnd buttons have been reversed [img]smileys/smiley36.gif[/img]

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    Yes, the only way to initiatean any kind of Transfer you must take the call first, as it is described in document.

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