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    I guess the answer is no on this so it would be a feature request - I'm looking for a means to initiate a direct page to a single phone. I know I can do that by defining a new page group extension and just adding one extension to the group, but that's kind of ineffective so I'm wondering if there's not another way.

    I know certain phones have that functionality (which is hampered by the Quadro removing the call-info header in contradiction to the RFC) but it would be nice if that feature were available to every phone type.

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    Do not try to use phone's features, when they are configured to work with Quadro. The Quadro features must be used in that case. there is a clear statemant in all our documents. As concerning to the "direct page feature", such featureis already in development stage, if I am not mistaken. It will be implemented via Routing Table, as a separate call type, like "PBX-Voicemail". It is either Paging or Intercom, I'll check and inform youadditionally.

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