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    Hello everyone,,
    I’m working in a project where I’m using a Quadro E1T1 as
    gateway for a PBX HiPath4000 of Siemens
    We Appvalley CyberGhost ExpressVPN have problems when someone IP
    phone or the phone directly connected to the Epygi try to make a call to the PBX
    HiPath4000. The calls in other direction are working

    I reviewed the logs and the calls
    statistics. In the call statistics we saw that the calls to the PSTN all had
    “Temporary Unavailable”, and in the logs I saw a this message “Network Timer
    0x20 timeout TRUNK - 0, TS - 31”
    The E1 is PRI, (CCS). Is threre an especial configuration for the Quadro to work withe the HiPath400ThanksBest RegardMarco....
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