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Thread: Intercom in User settings

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    What is the point of having that setting in the user settings?
    I have configured an extension as intercom number, and it works fine with the phones that support intercom (I have two brands that do not work but that is probably an implementation issue that I have to track down).. without activating the intercom feature in either the intercom extension, nor in any of the extensions that are paged when you initiate an intercom.

    So, since it works without that settings, I'm wondering what it is good for.

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    The meaning of heaving "Intercome" under extension settingsis to activate Intercome for the particular extension from the Quadro GUI, not from the phone.If some IP-Phone is configured to work with Quadro, the the user must forget about the phone's GUI and configure everything via Quadro GUI.

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    Hmm.. but that seems to contradict the behavior I'm seeing. As it is now, I do not have that flag checked for any extension. Yet, when I call a page group I set up on the Quadro, all the phones that support the Call-Info header the Quadro sends answer the call immediately (and the rest just rings). So even when using the built-in paging feature, it seems that this checkbox has no effect.

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    But if you enable the Intercom setting, and ring the extension directly (without using Paging Group) it should cause the attached IP phone to go into intercom mode.

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    Ahh.. now that explains why that setting is there.. it turns an extension into an intercom line.

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    So the "INTERCOM" feature within Suplemental services of an extension are for "Hands Free Answer Back" of that extension ?

    So when it is called it will automatically answer the call in hands free mode ?

    That could be undesirable if it is an extension in a public place ie... receptionist....

    When does the Intercom feature not work ? ie does the feature work if the extension is called from the Auto Attendant ?
    In other words... A caller into the company... is greeted with the Auto Attendant... dials '0' because they have hit the main auto attendant the call then is presented to the receptionist telephone with the Intercom feature enabled... what happens to the call ?

    Does it Ring the extension ?
    or does the call go to hands free for that extension ?



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    The "Intercom" feature is disabled by default, you can enable it for desirable extensions only. No need to enable it on Receptionist's phone, because it that case the phone will not ring andall the calls will be answered automatically by phone, that will go Off-Hook (as you said, Hands Free mode). Not all the phoneshave Intercome support, so currently the QuadroIntercom is implementedfor Snom and Aastra phones only.

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    Being agree to everything guys told above, I just want to mention one thing (to make things even more clear):

    when using paging feature (adding the extension into the paging group), the voice stream is unidirectional: only the caller's audio is transmitted, but caller itself cannot listen what the called party is speaking.

    while when using "Intercom" feature on extension, the call is bidirectional (both parties listen each other). So this is really the hands-free mode.

    To KSComs: if the hands-free mode is undesirable, you just don't enable that Also - this mode can be enabled for specific caller, so you can set the phone to hands-free only for the trusted people.Edited by: davrays

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    It would be good to have selective hands free mode...

    Ie a Boss/supervisor wants to use handsfree to a certain person.... or persons....

    They have a priority route that enables them to do so...

    This is like a mode within Key Telephone Systems that I work with... Samsung/Aria etc...

    You can set it on a call by call basis.. ie ... external callers will still ring the handset but internal callers can call hands free...

    I understand that at the minute it is either on or off... so it is not the ideal situation for anyone with an auto attendant / receives outside calls...



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    Quote Originally Posted by KSComs

    You can set it on a call by call basis.. ie ...
    external callers will still ring the handset but internal callers can
    call hands free...
    You could achieve the same with the Quadro now.
    In the Caller ID Based Services you could add a new entry to the table for PBX callers only - and for PBX callers you could enable the Intercom mode.

    This would be a bit painful to do for each and every extension, but the process could be sped up using LCFs.

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