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Thread: Quadro2x hang

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    Default Quadro2x hang

    The system hung whilst the boss was making a call.
    The call dropped and he couldn't make another.
    The GUI was not responding at all, although ping was responding.
    I power cycled the box and now all is OK.

    However when I look in the events and call statistics there is nothing showing from yesterday afternoon until the reboot.
    All the system logs start at the reboot.
    I have manged to download the logs to my PC.

    Is there a way to monitor resources ?
    If I switch on archive logging could it make this issue happen more frequently ?

    Any ideas appreciated.

    We are a small company who only make a few calls a day.
    We have 14 VOIP extensions and we connect out on an ADSL line to the Internet.

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    Unhappy further info

    This seems to be related to this problem:
    when we call a mobile number we get the audio message

    Your account balance is insufficient to place your call to that destination

    then the call is declined.

    However calls to landlines work OK....

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