Firstly apologies for my post, I am very new to VoIP and usually use a VoIP provider for my installs but they seem unable to help/resolve the current problem I am having.

My client has a QX20 in the office with about 4 x extensions all working fine. They wanted a remote extension setup at a users house which registers fine. The problem is that when a call is place, she cannot hear them and they cannot hear her. It did work once or twice but after her modem at home was switched off so she could move it, it doesnt want to work again. I have read lots about this but cannot seem to resolve it.

The QX20 sits behind a Cyberoam firewall and her public IP has been allowed access through it and relevant ports opened up.

I now have said extension plugged in at home as I need to get this going within 5 days before she works from home again and I too am having the same problem.

I also downloaded and installed X-Lite softphone as a possible workaround, this too is having the same problem even though I use it over VPN connection to customers site.

The phone she has is Yealink52S. The phone I currently am trying to use is Yealink T46G. RPort is turned on.

Any ideas?

I currently have 3 x clients with the same setup and have only been able to get this working properly for one of them, the only difference is she is using cable at home and the others DSL...