Greetings, I recently installed an Epygi QX50 VOIP server in my office, with Yealink T48s phones. I have a Peplink Balance 305 router at the office and Peplink Balance One at home, which provides me a Peplink pepVPN between my home and office.

(TLDR - T48s user can hear, but no one can hear user)

I have attempted to use of my Yealink T48s phones at my home as an extension to the system. Everything works EXECEPT for Microphone audio from the the person using the phone. The phone user can hear the caller, but the mic audio of the user is not transmitted. (TLDR - T48s user can hear, but no one can hear user)

I have created rules in the peplink firewalls for incoming, outgoing and internal firewall, on both ends. I created a blanket rule to allow all traffic between the two networks. (I have tried the phone onsite at the office, and all audio works when connected to the same lan as the QX50)

In searching the Epygi forums, I found several similar older posts (5+ years old) that had issues with one-way audio. However, there was never any resolution posted.

Anyone with a similar experience, or have any ideas?

Thank you for reading.