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Thread: Direct call park

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    While I can get the "put call on hold, dial *5" scenario to work (I even get a blinking park key on my Snom phones), I'm wondering if there isn't a way to have a single programmable key on a phone that would directly park the call.

    Likewise, the Aastra i5x series seems to have programmable or static park / pickup functionality - has anyone gotten those to work? While I can program those buttons, they never seem to do anything whatsoever.

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    Unfortunately, it isn't possible to use single key for parking on Snom phones. As for Aastra phones, it is strongly recommended to usethe same key-combination (Hold+*5)for call parking as it is described in Online Help and IP-Phones Configuration documents, and not to try change something on the phone manually. If you want to use BLF functionality, then the phone must be configuredvia Receptionist wizard.We continuously working on the supportingmore phone's features by Quadro, but currently the features are limited and you can get familiar to the features and how they work with Quadro from the documents, that areplaced in the "Support Login -> Downloads -> Configuration of IP-Phones and IP-Lines" section.

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    I have found that on the older Aastra phones (480i, 9133i etc) that you can automatically park calls in a single keystroke using a programmable key. Set it as:
    Type = Speed Dial
    Value = *5
    Line = 3 (needs to be higher than 1 as Line 1 is in use on the active call)

    This will hold, dial *5 and park the call in one action.

    I haven't used the 5xi Aastras much but they seem to be very similar in other ways so I expect this will also work on them.

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    Using Speeddial works on old Aastras, but not on Aastra5xi series, maybe due to some SW differences.

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    Interestingly, Aastra support tells me (and they've sent me a wireshark trace documenting that) that it works in their lab (using an asterisk though.. but the principle is the same there.. put the call on hold, call the park number) - just using a 55i whereas I have a 57i..

    The *5 speedial definitely doesn't work here though I'm beginning to think either it's a 57i bug or there's something wrong on my phone.. it is definitely supposed to act like alloy described.

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    It does work after all
    sprecode: asterisk;*5

    softkey5 type: park
    softkey5 label: Park
    softkey5 line: 1
    softkey5 states: connected

    into your config, and you can park. Still trying to figure out why the dedicated pickup key doesn't work, but at least there you can resort to a speeddial.

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    Sometimes phones have the keys/buttons but not the functionality, or the implementation is incorrect or unfinished Sometimes the implementation is specific, to be used with specific PBXs. That's whywe do notsupport phones features, but Quadro features on phones.

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    There's another way to do it... type sprecode, and value *5 does the trick as well.

    And the pickup is a regular speeddial with the call pickup extension (makes you wonder though.. park is a feature code, pickup is an extension)

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    Stephan, if you are talking about Quadro, then it is the way that Cal Park/Pickup is implemented. First you dial a feature code to activate a Call Park (hung the call"on" Park Extension), then dial to Park Extension to retrive the call. This is the most user-friendly method I think.

    It seems you have troubles with feature codes - you simply don't like them

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    Wouldn't it be more consistent if both park and pickup were either a feature code or an extension? At least that's how it is on most other PBXes (not to say all because I don't know 'em all). And I'm not saying it doesn't work.. as posted above, I even got a one button park on the Aastra phones (though I only have a single Aastra phone.. having a simplified solution for the Linksys phones would come in more handy since those are the workhorses of my installation).

    I'm hoping that in time and the BLISS' WG's work complete, we'll can move to park / pickup via softkey (assuming phone makers move to implement the appropriate softkeys.. some already have though usually with a proprietary twist). I generally like context sensitive softkeys a lot more than freely configurable buttons on the phone (that you normally need to label with pencil and paper). Imagine a Siemens OpenStage 60 or 80 with a touchscreen and the possibilities that would give you.

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