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Thread: Close Reason: Got BYE message

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    What can be causing a drop call from the quadro2x to a
    SPA3000 there is no time limit on the drop call sequence the call can be fine
    all the way until the end of the conversation or the call will be drop after 2
    min or so and some times que call will drop after 20 min in the conversation the
    only thing that I can find out as for a reason for the drop call is the message
    on the call statistics page on the quadro on
    details where it reads: Close
    Reason: Got BYE messageall call that are drop are calls that go out to the SPA3000 from the quadro2x till now no call drops on calls coming in from SPA3000 to quadro2x

    Quadro2x Firmware Version: 4.1.33Spa3000 PSTN line sign on at IP line8 (to receive call on the quadro, quadro2x uses SPA3000 as a IP-PSTN on call routing to make call from the quadro)

    Please help.

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    "Close Reason: Got BYE message" means that the call is closed not by Quadro, but by opposite device. We suspect that the disconnect reason can be a SIP session timer on SPA3000. Please, checkif SIP session timersettings are availableon SPA3000 and change the values, or disable it. Also, you can open a ticket in our TSS and send us some Quadro systemlogs, downloaded right after call disconnection. That will be the shortest way to find outyoue problem's source.

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    I used to have a similar issue (though on inbound and outbound calls) where calls would be dropped for no apparent reasons. In my case, disabling the SIP Session Timer in the SIP Settings on the Quadro took care of the problem and we haven't had a single dropped call since the day we changed that setting.

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    Todash/Sparxnet, is there any news regarding call drop issues ? Did you try my suggestion to disable Session Timers ?

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    I just set the session timer at 0 on the Aastra phone.

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    And what are the results ? Note, that the Session Timers should be disabled both on Quadro (disabled by default) and IP-Phone.

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    I too am having this issue on and off .... using 2x & 480i
    The problem is that I have 2 SIP accounts; 1 which the 480i uses, and the other which is used by normal phone connected via FXO port. All session timers are OFF even on the 480i
    But occassionally I get dropped at 5min 01 sec ...... ??? I'm lost

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    To investigate your problem we need the following information.
    1. Firmware version of Quadro2x.
    2. Firmware version of Aastra480i.
    3. Exact call path when you are experiencing call drop.
    4. System logs downloaded right after call drop (developer logging must be enabled).

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    To correct it fast and quick, go to your aastra 480i admin web page, in global sip option, go to session timer and replace with 0 (for unlimited session)

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    I'm confused with this sentence

    Quote Originally Posted by alfredp View Post
    All session timers are OFF even on the 480i. But occassionally I get dropped at 5min 01 sec
    If Sparxnet's suggestion will not help, then we'll need systemlogs from Quadro to determine whether it is ITSP issue or phone/Quadro.

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