I am hoping someone can clarify the realtionship between the ip line password and user extension password.

1) A user extension name eg ext 109 is created on the pbx, you then assign a complex password under general setttings eg 12345678911234

to register an Ip phone manually on "other Ippabx" you with need ( no IP line mapping )

sip user name = 109
password =12345678911234
pabx/sip reg ip = ( for local ippabx)

but on the QX the details used to register an IP phone = locext109 and password of the ip line 67YUHYTFGD67T5
these are taken form the Ip line configuration.

so is my undertstanding correct once the Ip phones uses the ip line to rgeister with the QX the qx maps the IP line details with the extension details it does not verify the extension user details but maps the IPLINE to the extension so if the details of the IPline are correct the line is autorised to use that extension to make a call which it is attached to.

So why is there a need to have password also on extension user. When will extension password be used to register to the QXpabx.

Thanks in advance