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    Default Internet speed

    Have been told by my ISP that the Quadro is the possible cause of slow speed and want to try and diagnose the issue.
    Am using a Quadro 2x2, old I know but suffices for the purpose of the company.

    Firstly when I run network diagnostic it fails with the below system error log
    Jul 2 11:36:57 quadro klogd: device eth1 left promiscuous mode
    Jul 2 11:36:57 quadro daemon.warn klogd: NF_IP_ASSERT: ip_nat_core.c:939(ip_nat_setup_info)
    Jul 2 11:36:57 quadro cgimains.cgi[1556]: buffer lenght = 208

    No idea what that means but what else should I be doing??
    The quadro acts as the router but obviously was thinking of putting another router between the quadro and modem but that would take time and a lot of changing settings I assume..


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    the wan port of the quadro is usually set to 100 mb half duplex or 10 mb half or full duplex. If you have an internet connection that is better than 10/10 mb up and down, you will need to place a router that has 1000/1000 or 100/100 mb wan / lan ethernet interfaces.

    or you could upgrade from a quadro to a qx.

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