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    Right now, every mailbox on the Quadro is personal.
    I have a shared voicemail box on my old system and on various customer systems, e.g. there's a box for the sales team, a box for tech support, etc (belonging to the head number of the sales / tech support huntgroup.. it makes little sense that the caller leave a message to an individual, when those people may work in shifts and won't always be present to listen to their messages the next day), and I'm a bit unhappy that I cannot replicate this on the Quadro.

    I figure one approach to do this, which would not require relaxing the ip line <-> mailbox tie would be to allow multiple registrations on the same IP line (be it without anything else, or with a shared status - and thus SLA functionality).

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    Ssteiner, you can usea VoiceMailbox of Virtual Extension (VE)for that purposes. Using IP-Line is not a option, because we do not allow multiple registrations on the same line. We recommend to create a VEs for every department, then activate Busy and No Answer Call Forwarding services to that VE, so all non-answered calls will go to VE's Voicemail. The personnel can reach to that shared Mailbox by calling to the VE's number and pressing "1" after hearing VMS greeting message, or through Auto Attendant (00 -> *0 -> login by VE's name). The only drawback of this setup is the missing of VMS notification, but you can use "Send new voice messages via e-mail" feature to cover it.Edited by: aramk

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    I already configured something like that during the training I had. However, the bulk of my phones are Linksys ones, which have a separate MWI per line.. so even though there's a single lamp, people can look at the display and know where a voicemail has been deposited (and select the line plus press the voicemail button to retrieve it). I was hoping to continue using this - we tried using the outcall feature available when a VM is deposited, but that only works for a single phone - we tried using a virtual extension configured in hunting / parallel mode, but only the first phone would ever be notified.

    Won't the "only one registration per IP line" become moot when the SLA feature becomes available? Will it be possible to have a voicemail box for an SLA line?

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    Yes, it will be possible after SLA implementataion.

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