First time using FXO trunks on a QX50. I believe I'm configuring them wrong, and I'm looking for any detailed documentation on how to configure them correctly. Using both FXO ports. I initially configured them both to do incoming and outgoing, to ext 110. On extension 110, I configured many ringing extensions to three extensions on the system. Problem is when line one is in use on a Polycom VVX phone, and a second call comes in, there is no audio on the second call.

I next tried setting up FXO1 to support incoming and outgoing at ext 110, and FXO2 to do the same, but on 111. Many ring set to three Polycom end points. Same issue, answer call on line one, line two rings, answer and no audio.

Suspect I am missing some fine details, but not sure what it is. Looking for details documentation, or some tips for what I am missing in my setup.