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Thread: Trunk setup problems

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    Default Trunk setup problems

    I have M32 with the couple of trunks operating fine for many years. Recently i obtained local trunk to cover some unreachable countries.
    I set it up as usual and it registers on their server, unfortunately calls get rejected.
    Problem is that local phone login name is passed to server (let we say 4001), but they request our phone number instead.

    See reply below...

    "From: "08555555" <>;tag=15....
    We need to get the number 08555555 written where it now says 4001. Can you fix this? Like <>;tag=15....."

    I tried many things and only one phone can be set up (Extension/SIP Settings/User Name / DID Number 08555555).
    And then it works, unfortunately if i try to set another extension with above setting, it gets rejected with "User name already exist"

    Any ideas?

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    Problem solved!
    Create a new route, use on page 2 (Routing Call Settings/Edit Entry) ITSP login name and the password but UNTICK "Keep Original Caller ID ".
    Finish and go to Edit Virtual extension you just used in the new route (997 or similar, created for the new trunk which you are going to use in that route). For the "SIP Settings/User Name / DID Number " use phone number (FE 08555555) and for the "SIP Advanced Settings/Authentication User Name" use ITSP supplied Logon name. That's all.
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