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Thread: Extension Ringing every 20 mins

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    Default Extension Ringing every 20 mins

    Our client is complaining that her extension is ringing every 20 mins. by an extension that is not registered in the server.

    Somebody know what's going on with our server?

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    It seems your device is under attack. Please follow up the steps below to enhance the security on your device.

    1. Have a look in the Call History for the IP address of the caller (who is not registered on your server) and see if his IP is already in the Blocked IP List in Firewall section, if no then add it manually.

    2. Enable firewall and put the level "Medium" or "High"; Medium Security - Traffic originating from the LAN side may pass to WAN and traffic(that is not explicitly allowed in custom filtering rules) from the WAN side will be blocked.
    High Security - Everything that is not explicitly allowed will be blocked, including traffic from the LAN to WAN and vice versa.

    3. Restrict "SIP Access" to some trusted IP addresses only (for example allow SIP access to ITSPs IP addresses).
    By default "SIP Access" is allowed for any IP, this must be properly reconfigured. If Firewall is disabled or set to "Low" level, adding allowed SIP hosts will have no sense.

    4. Change the default SIP port as most SIP attacks are being lunched on default SIP port.
    You can change the default SIP port from the "Telephony-->SIP " page, but please note that changing SIP port of PBX will initiate reboot of provisioned SIP phones to let them download new configuration file containing new SIP port of the PBX. If you have also phones registered on the PBX as other, then you will need to login to the GUI of that phones and change the SIP port of PBX/server to the new one so that the phone can get registered again.

    5. SIP IDS must be enabled(by default it is enabled); SIP IDS is a mechanism to automatically detect SIP hacking attempts and add the source IP address of the hacker into the "Blocked IP" list of the firewall. Firewall must be enabled so that "Blocked IP" list works.If firewall is disabled - this will have no sense.

    6. Put the source filter of all outbound call routing rules to "PBX". PBX means that only users registered on IP lines of the PBX are able to place calls through this rule.
    If the source filter of the rule is "Any" it means that hacker can send an "Invite" to the PBX(without getting registered on an IP line) and if the destination number matches with the outbound rule then the call will be sent through.

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