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    Anyone know of a way to emulate the Asterix echo test feature (can't remember the dial code) whereby you simply get connected to the pbx and it repeats everything you say in realtime so you can assess and diagnose potential mic / level/ other voice problems? This would be a great feature.....

    I installed a Quadro the other day but didn't realise a few of the usb handsets (ugh!) had serious issues with recorded voice quality due to (apparently) usb compatibility issueswith the host PC. only 3 of 12 were affected, all HP dx5150's.

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    We have such feature in Quadro. Go to "Telephony -> Line Settings -> Onboard Lines -> Loopback Settings" and Enable Loopback on the extension that you want to test. This will allow you tohear back everything you'll said in handset. Do not forget to Disable Loopback after your tests.

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