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Thread: Help setting CID in mexico area code 656.

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    I got a Quadro2x that uses 2 CO

    the Quadro2x has Boot loader: 4.0.8 and Firmware Version: 4.1.33

    First CO goes to FXO 1 (PSTN provider HELLMEX (TELMEX)
    second CO uses a Linksys SPA3000 to the PSTN (sign on at quadro2x at IP line 8 (also with Telmex)

    the system works great it can receive and make calls from the FXO and to/from the spa3000 (with call routing at the quadro2x and some tweaking at the spa3000 PSTN line settings)

    but no CID on FXO or SPA3000 (ip line 8)

    please help.

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    I think Quadro has nothing to do here. Check the regional settings and CID parameters of Linksys SPA3000.

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    wegot also no CID on FXO not just spa3000

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    In that case it is PSTN provider's issue then. Check with your provider if CID service is enabled for that line actually or just plug the line into the analog phone with CallerID support (with display) and call to that number to see, if CID is coming or not.

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    Using and analog phone with with display there is CID available on the 2 lines "CO lines" (the one that connects to FXO port of quadro2x and the one that connects to SPA3000) but no CID info on quadro2x, what else mI missing?

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    Todash, do you mean that you have no CID at all on both lines ? Please check the Regional Settings on Quadro from the "System -> System Configuration Wizard". Make sure that the correct locale (location) isselected on your Quadro. Edited by: aramk

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    Todash, if I am not mistaken, you are in Mexico. If the locale(location) of Quadro is "Mexico" and you still have a problems with CID detestion, then ask your CO provider about the CID standard they provide. On the Quadro the CID standard for Mexico is FSK, but maybe your CO provider uses another standard. Just check it withthem and I'll tell you the place, from where you can adjust that setting.In anycasewe can experiment with Quadro's different CID standards, but it's better to ask your provider first, to know exactlywhat standard they use.

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