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Thread: Any utility for creating WAV files?

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    The Quadro 2xi and 4xi are very particular about the WAV file format
    required when uploading a new voicemail outgoing announcement file. It
    seems to want:

    sampling rate: 8khz
    stereo/mono: mono
    codec: PCM U-law 2:1

    I have been unable to find any software for the Mac that will convert a
    sound file into this format. The closest I've got is QuickTime Player (pro)
    which lets me create a WAV file with 8khz sampling rate, mono, but the
    codec is dfferent. Or I can create an AIFF file with the correct codec, but
    that is no use either.

    Anyone know any tools for creating the correct format WAV file?
    Preferably Mac or UNIX, but Windows is OK as a last restort.

    Thank you
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    The characteristics for the format for all Quadro voice messages should be: CCITT A-Law, and the attributes to 8,000 Hz; 8/16 Bit; Mono.

    By the way the name of the WAV format depends on the tool which is used.
    A small description using the build-in tool of MS Windows:

    - go to "Start Menu-> Programs -> Accessoiries -> Entertainment -> Sound Recorder"
    - record the greeting or the song you like, or open a file which was created by other tools
    - click on "save as", then use the "Change" button to change the format to CCITT A-Law, and the attributes to 8,000 Hz; 8/16 Bit; Mono
    - save the file locally on your PC and then uload the file as needed to your Quadro.

    In other tools the format may be named differently. For example in Cool Edit Pro or Adobe Audition, that you can also use to convert the files,the format is named A/mu Law Wave. Both versions work (a-law / u-law), but the attributes must be the same.

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    I record my custom messages using a Snom phone as if i were recording a voicemail greeting, i then rename each file to suit. The quality is far superior to using a microphone and the format is perfect.

    Hope this helps


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    Thanks Andy and aramk.

    Andy, do you mean you alter your own greeting and then use the web
    interface to download it, rename, and upload to the desired extension's
    voicemail settings? Sounds like a plan. We use Snom phones also, and yes
    they have great audio quailty.

    Aramk, so Windows Sound Recorder will produce the right format, that's
    interesting. We are an Apple Mac shop and so it would be great if there
    was a way to produce the file on the Mac. Anyway, will use my Snom to
    record the greetings I think.


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    Hi Jesse

    Yes, i download my greeting in Voice Mail Settings and rename it. Then record each message using the Snom and download/rename after each one. I use this method for IVR messages as well. A little long winded but it works a treat.

    Just remember to re-upload your original message.

    Hope this helps


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    Recording custom messages using Snom (or any other) phones are good idea Carbonplanet, Ithought you you were asking a SW tool to convert the messages, but not to record them I will do a small research to find out is there any wav converting tool working under Mac.

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    Please visit Here you can find a lot of converter programs for LINUX and Mac with source codes.

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    Thanks Aramk for you input and help.
    It was greatly appreciated.

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