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Thread: Call Back Service?

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    I would like to call my Quadro 4x from my cell phone thru a fixed GSM G/Won FXO2 then dial a landline number via SIP.

    Some configuration advice would be appreciated


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    Hi, to call to landline number not via FXO, butusing SIP you must have some ITSP account configured on your Quadro. Also, it is not clear how you want to use Callback service. Could you please write a little bit detailed description foryour desired scenario ?

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    Thank Aramk

    I already have SIP accounts setup and the system is working fine.

    Customer requested a GSM G/W to lower his call costs to the Office from his Cell Phone. It turns out the Telcom provides FREE calls between group Cell phones which the G/W belongs to.

    So is there a possibility for the customer to call the 4x, then get a dial tone to call land line numbers through the 4x via his SIP accounts?

    Is this a "Call Back" feature?

    And another thing, Customer is very Technology nieve!! so the least amount of buttons he has to press the happier everyone will be, include myself because that would mean less support calls !! [img]smileys/smiley17.gif[/img]

    I hope someone can help out,


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    OOOPs I forgot the system summary;

    4x , ASTRA 57iCT, 2 analog handsets, SNOM300 (RE offsite), Wireless Broadband (Static IP), Quadro is DHCP server, wireless LAN router behind Quadro, 3 seperate SIP accounts for his 3 companies

    Hope this gives you an idea of existing setup

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    Thanks for detailed explanation Actually there is 2 way to achievethe desired results. You can choose between them.

    First option is the following. If the calls from your customer's mobile toGSM G/W connected to Quadro are also free and the Call Routing Table is configured properly to call from Quadro to landline number, then there is no need to use Quadro Callback feature.All you need is to route PSTN calls to Auto Attendant (which is default settings) and enable "Send AA digits to routing table" option from the AA settings page. In this case your customer will dial to the Quadro, get AA greeting (which can be customized according to their needs) and simply dial to the landline number using SIP call pattern.

    Second option. This is in case if the calls from mobile to GSM G/W aren't free, but the opposite calls are. In this case the customer must use Callback. The configuration is the same as in first case, but there is some extra configuration. Go to "Users -> Autorized phones database", press "Add" and fill the following information:

    Call Type - PSTN

    Caller Address - your customer's mobile number (as it is sent by CO provider and recognised by Quadro)

    Login Extension - any extension from drop-down list (preferable the extension number of the customer)

    Enable Callback - check

    Callback Call Type - PSTN

    Callback Destination - leave this field empty or fill the same number as in the first feild

    Press Save.

    Now, to initiate Callback, customer must dial to the GSM G/W number that isconnected to Quadro and hung-up the call after 2-3 rings. After hung-up the Quadro will callback to mobile number and AA greeting will be played. Again, as in first option, customercan dial to the landline number using SIP call pattern.

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    Hi Aramk,

    Sounds like Option 1 is the best. However currently all calls go to Ext15 Reception phone which is IP Line1. Customer wanted Reception to answer every call without going through an AA Senario.

    So is there a way of diverting only customers cell numberwhen it comes through GSM G/W(FXO port) to AA Table? If so Iwouldn't have a clue how to do this.

    OK, just had a quick look at AA settings, and guessing that I have to;

    Tick"Send AA Digits to Routing Table"
    Add his details in "Edit Authorized Phones Database"[/list]

    I may be wrong, but I think you'd have to setup an extention for him, and somehow route his outgoing calls throught the existing CRT.

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    If all the PSTN calls arerouted to the Receptionist phone, then you can create a record in the Ext15's"Caller ID Based Services" page with the customer's mobile number and enable Unconditional Call Forwarding service to AA (00) for that number. In that case all the calls will still go to ext15, except of the calls from customer's moble number -thay will be diverted to AA.The only drawback of this scenario is that it will be impossible to call to ext15 (Receptionist) from that particular mobile number, when the forwardingis enabled. Another option is to route the FXO1 to ext15 and the FXO2 (where the GSM G/W is connected) to AA. Please inform us if these scenarios are OK for you, otherwise we'll try to offer you other options.

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    Sorry Guys I have been overseas for a while,

    Anyway getting back to this problem. because the mobile telco provides FREE calls within the mobile group this customer has, I need the following funtionality from the 4x.
    1. calls from office to mobile numbers within groupvia GSM G/W
      Calls from Mobile to Office via GSM G/W where ext15 can answer incoming call, which would be free
      calls from mobile to 4x then onto landline through SIP account

    Currently there is no "Reception" set up, all calls are forwarded to Ext15.

    I guess the most important is the ability to perform 2 & 3 above as call costs through SIP account are low anyway.

    So some setup tips would be appreciated

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    At this moment I can't offer you another solution, than to route the PSTN calls to AA, instead of ext.15, and use Callback functionality. Maybe other members of forum have such experience with GSM G/W setup ?Edited by: aramk

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    Is there a way of directing via the GSM G/W (FXO3) only customer's mobile number to an AA where he can choose either EXT15 (reception) or to dial back out through the 4X to a PSTN number?

    I want all other incoming calls to remain unchanged (directed to EXT15)

    Outbound calls via GSM G/W to the mobile group (selected mobile numbers) is not a problem, I have entries in the CRT which direct calls via FXO3 (GSM G/W)

    Would appreciate anyone's help with this one,


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