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Thread: remote extension configuration

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    Default remote extension configuration

    Hi all,

    I've got a client with a Quadro 2x2 on a dedicated DSL Internet connection in bridge mode and DYNdns configured. Happy clients for several years using Snom phones connected on the LAN side.

    One employee transitioned to full time remote, has a static IP address at other office. I configured their extension as "SIP Remote Extension", RTP Proxy enabled. Then I whitelisted the remote IP for both SIP and CCA. The Snom 320 registers just fine, shows as connected under IP Line status.

    I am unable to make outbound calls. I haven't checked inbound either as I'm testing remotely using the web "dial" function. PBX calls and SIP calls don't even show in call statistics on the Quadro. "Route all incoming SIP calls to Call Routing" is enabled.

    What am I missing? A call routing rule? Something on the Snom side?

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    Calls from local pbx extension to remote extension fail too despite showing connected on status page.

    What logs should I be looking at?


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    "Route all incoming SIP calls to Call Routing" is enabled

    Why are you using that setting?

    You need to look at the sipua logs

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