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    I think it would be a nice feature, to have a phone directory in the pbx. Maybe we could also transfer these entries to the IP phones, to have an all phonesthe same phone directory.

    In case of an incoming call, the caller's name could be added and presented to the phone (either by the pbx or the ringing phone itself could show the name from the local downloaded directory).

    I have worked with a software based ip pbx with lookups also to external sql databases and it was very helpful, especially for customers with sales or support departments.

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    Anestis, something like that can be done using routing. You need to route all your PSTN/ISDN calls to Routing, then create routing rules for each caller by his CallerID (phonenumber) as a routing pattern. You can forward that rule to the receptionist phone and put some Displayname for that caler, using "Filter on Caller / Call Type / Modify Caller ID" option in routing. When the call will be received from that caller, Quadro will show the configured Displayname instead of caller's phone number.Edited by: aramk

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    Hi Aram,

    you might do it with a few numbers, but what about a customerbase with 100 or 1000 numbers?

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    You can add into Call Routing Table up to 900 records. I think not so much companieshave such amount of customers, that are worth to add into Phone Directory.

    I am not against that feature, I just recommended a way to do that using Quadro's existing features. If we'll have enough requestsfor that feature, sure, it will be implemented. But for 100,500 or even moreentries you can always use Call Routing Table.Edited by: aramk

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