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Thread: Create a shared voicemail box

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    Question Create a shared voicemail box

    Hi I have a QX50 with the following setup

    SIP line sent to virtual "user extension" 40 which has "multi extension ringing" enabled for ext 103, 104, 105, 106 etc. I need the voicemail though to end up in ext 104 voicemail box.
    I have the same scenario working on a 2x successfully
    On the QX50 as on the 2x I have added 104 to the "shared mailbox" edit "voicemail access list", however voicemails are still ending up in the virtual extension 40 mailbox?

    Am I missing a step or something? is there something hidden I must set? It works on the 2x they go to the nominated mailbox not the virtual extension.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance

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    Set up forward of the virtual extension - supplemental services to the vm of the extension.

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    Have DDI to extension, have call fwd to operator extn, however would like it to kick back to orig extn VM on no ans, currently goes to operators VM, using Fanvil X5S, on QX50 phones also wanting call to show on operators phone which DDI its coming from

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    Thanks KSComs for taking the time to reply. Yes I had already resolved the problem and found as you suggested I had missed this step.


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