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Thread: Call Queue Script

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    Hi All

    Does anyone know if you can amend the Call Queue script?

    The problem i have is accepting multiple, simultaneous, incoming calls from ISDN lines. Whilst call queue on a Virtual Ext with Many ext Ringing handles this fine my client hates the call queue, so i have had to resort to a Call hunt, with a pickup group. This works but is not satisfactory as the client wishes for all phones to ring together. If calls arrive one after the other there is no problem, it is purely multiple, simultaneous incoming calls.

    If there is no other option then perhaps i could amend the call queue script. i.e Remove welcome message and 'gap', replace call queue message with a ringing tone.

    Please can anyone help as i am at a dead end with a grumpy client [img]smileys/smiley19.gif[/img]



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    I'm not sure that there is a way to amend the Call queue script. What you can do to satisfy your customer is to route all the incoming calls to a customized auto-attendant ( I think that the auto-attendant can handle multiple simultaneous calls). The customized auto-attendant will do only one thing : to route the incoming calls to a virtual extension configured with multi-extension ringing. You can use the ring back tone feature to replace the ring tone by a customized message.


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    Thank you for your reply.

    Ok i will look at the AA, my customer will not accept any messages but if i could replace a message using a ringing tone that would be fine.

    I will take a look

    Many thanks


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    Please can you help. You are correct the AA can handle multiple, simultaneous calls [img]smileys/smiley4.gif[/img]

    I am struggling with the script however, i have only used a basic IVR before so a newbie here. I would like the AA to route directly to my Virtual Extension, a ringing tone while this is happening is fine. Please could you help me with the script to do this?

    Thank you very much i think this is the answer.


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    The script is very simple. "50" represents the virtual extension :

    <vxml version="2.0">


    <object name="field2" classid="connect">

    <param name="extension" expr="'50'"/>





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    The script works perfectly thank you.

    However i have made a mistake, call queue has to be enabled on the VE to make multiple inbound calls successful even via the Auto Attendant. I didn't realise that i had left it enabled.

    I am not sure if my issue can be rectified [img]smileys/smiley19.gif[/img]

    Your help is much appreciated.

    Kind regards


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    Andy, the script suggested to you by HL2DFRwill forward all the calls coming to AA to some VE, this is the ONLY thing that this script do. This cannot solve your problem of handling multiple, simultaneous incoming callsanyhow, because in case if there will be another active call with that VE, the second call will simply get busy tone, hence the Call Queue must be enabled on that VE anyway. It is obvious that the AA script is only useless chain inyour configuration and nothing can be solved by using it in this particular scenario. So we still recommend you to use not MER but Call Hunting in your configuration, which was also suggested to Matt via TSS.

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    Another sugesstion on this topic. If you want to hear ringback tone instead of Call Queue messagewhile calling to VE, simply replace the Call Queue default messages by custom recordedringback tone messages, which can be uploaded from the Call Queue Settings page on VE. You need to replace both "call queue welcome message" and "call queue message". This will give a ringback tone to the callers, until the previous call will not be answered by someone from MER list. Edited by: aramk

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    Thanks for your replies.

    For your info i have used a 0.5sec blank for the welcome message and a ringing tone as a call queue message, this works however there is a gap between the Welcome and call queue messages. Is it possible to remove the Welcome message altogether? Just leaving the call queue message which could be the ringtone. I know Matt has a TSS ticket running but i thought i would post to keep others informed.

    Thank you


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    Andy, currently there is no way to avoid of that gap between messages. You can upload some long ringtone message (lets say 20 sec)also as a queue welcome message and hopefully the previous call will be answered during that period. Edited by: aramk

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