I was reading the document "Receptionist Service on QX IP PBX" and contained in the document it states -

Note: Depending on the phone model, the status of the BLF key and the status of the watched extension
can vary.
• Press the BLF key to dial out the watched extension when the watched extension is idle.
• Press the BLF key to intercept the incoming call that is ringing on the watched extension.
Note: See the list of IP phones supporting Call Interception service

Once you check the compatible handsets list, can anyone tell me, do the approved/capable handset needs to be both for the receptionist and the user extension. i.e. a Yealink T42G is not listed but a T46G is.
So if the Receptionist has a T46G handset and the user a T42G does this mean the receptionist could intercept calls but the User extension could not? I am assuming this to be the case, or are both Receptionist and User extensions required to have T46G for this functionality to work?