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Thread: Wholesale Voip termination / origination

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    This is Milla Fox, sales executive at BritVoIP Ltd, a registered British telecom company located in England. BritVoIP is an expanding telecommunication company, utilizing latest network solutions combined with a capable and determined team. We have a fast growing number of interconnections with various global operators as well as some direct routes. As well as diverse payment options BritVoIP also offer a 24/7 technical support in 4 languages.
    Considering your active presence in the VoIP market, we would like to discuss potential ways of collaboration with mutual interests. At this stage we would like to get some info about your current primary destinations, target rates and volumes. We would also welcome bi-lateral co-operation.
    Skype: sales.britvoip

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    Milla - thank you for your message. We will contact you directly by email to discuss.

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    Thanks for sharing your story. I recently purchased the voip termination
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