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Thread: *4 Call Forwading problem

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    I would like to remotely turn on/off my Unconditional Call Forwarding via ‘*4’.

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    Hi, this featureworks as it is designed. You're just mixing the entries in the "Caller ID Based Services" page with the entries in"Unconditional Call Forwarding" tablethat is placed in"Caller ID Based Services for <phone number>" page. By default there is only one record in the "Caller ID Based Services" page and that is "Any Address". After adding some entries there, that record is becoming to "Other Addresses". Feature *4 is appliedONLY on "Any Address/Other Addresses" record. It will not change the statuses of other records in that table.You can change the order of the entries in the table by sorting themusing several criterias on top of table, but it doesn't matter in what sequence the entries are placed in the table. There is no way to force *4 to toggle the forwarding statuses for all that entries togheter. I agree that indocumentation it's not described well and we will change the description of *4 feature.

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    aramk, thank you for reply

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    We will make a feature request for that, but I beleive that thisfunctionality is already discussed and approved by our managemant. As for implementation of your desired configuration i will suggest you2 differentways.

    1. Use Routing'sDate/Time capability. This will automaticlyforward you calls to desired destinationin exact hours.


    2. Route All PSTN calls to Routing with pattern 555. Create two records with that pattern. Route first one to your extension, set enabler/disabler keys, let's sey 123/321. Route the second one to your cell phone number anddisableit. Set the enabler/disabler keys for this rule right opposite to the first rule - 321/123. Now all your calls will go to your extension until you'll now switch the routing rules by *77 and entering the enabler or disabler key.

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