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    Does anyone knows if it is possible to use Barge-In, but calling from PSTN with traditional or SIP trunks, where codes *91 to *93 could be apply from the external call to the desire extension?

    I know that by using a remote extension is something that can be done internally within PBX type calls.

    Still be good to have the flexibility to use it from an external call, applying of course the needed security to avoid attacks or misuse.

    I've tried by routing calls from Attendant to Call Routing table but digits beginning with * from the attendant are not recognized as a feature code or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

    I also tried to use plain number digits converted to *91 within the Routing Table, still no success.
    Attendant still thinks I'm dialing extension numbers replying with "Number does not exist", like it doesn't even sent dialed digits to the Routing Table.

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    Security will prevent you from externally performing the feature that you describe, and for a good reason.

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