I have a problem with the integration of GRANDSTREAM GXV3275 phone and EpygiQX200 plant. The phone is registered successfully with the telephone plant and I receive calls but I can't do the calls. In Epygi's logs the IP Line is different from my configuration. For example, I configured the Line3 with extension 444:

IP Line 3 444 SIP UserName: locext444, Model: Grandstream GXV3175, 00:0B:82:83:F8:FD, Template: systemdefault, Web Reboot

The logs display the following:

.340 * <- * OnAdvFxsCallMake: line #4[0](e:444), inappropriate mandatory SRTP media (self mode is Off) - ignoring, callID: 6344487395723124058.
.340 <WARNING> * <- * OnAdvFxsCallMake: line #4[0](e:444), invalid media or no intersection in extension's and phone's encodings, callID: 6344487395723124058.

The telephone plant assign a random line for the phone, in this case, the line 4.

I appreciate your help.

Best regards.