Hi all,
I have a Quadro4x that I use for 'normal' PBX functions - and I have an electric gate intercom unit which is actually a POTS telephone connected to one of the FXS extensions.
As well as being able to talk to a vistor, the gate intercom unit can recieve DTMF to trigger the electric gates 'open' relay.
Using this function, any call that is routed to the gate panel can open the gate using the appropriate DTMF, so I can use a mobile phone as a remote gate opener by calling a specific (gate) FXO (or SIP) number.

I have configured rules such that incoming calls to the gate FXO are routed to an internal dummy 'extension' - optionally only from specific CLIs and also optionally when a specific post dial DTMF string is detected (although these options are currently not active, so ANY call to the gate FXO is forwarded unconditionally to the dummy extension).
That internal extension uses a Caller ID service to call the gate extension with the DTMF post dial that triggers the relay.
So a mobile phone call to a specific number opens the gate = any mobile phone can be a gate remote.

That all works just fine, except this process picks up (answers) the incoming FXO call and only drops it when the gate extension drops the connection after the relay closure - which incurs a (mobile) call cost every time.

What I would like to do is for the internal call to the gate to be set up when an incoming call is detected, but for the incoming call to remain unanswered - ideally immediately disconnected/dropped.

Something like: 'Immediately terminate incoming call, but set up internal call to the internal gate extension'

Any suggestions as to how to achieve this?

Thanks, AJC