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    Hi, we have a customer who runs a doctors office and when they close the office (lunch, end of day, etc.,) they want to forward all incoming calls (FXO and SIP) to an answering service. When they come back to the office they want to disable this feature. Right now all incoming calls are going to an auto-attendant. Any suggestions on how we can accomplish this?

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    After working with support we came up with a resolution that I thought I should share: customer has a QX50 with firmware 6.1.30 and incoming calls are coming from FXO ports
    1. Create a routing rule as follows:
    DNP: 77777
    Discard Symbols: 5
    Prefix: 199 (or the extension of your choice)
    Enabler: 5 (or your choice)
    Disabler: 6 (or your choice)
    Destination: PBX
    Use RTP Proxy: selected
    Source Type: FXO

    2. Copy rule. Change following
    Prefix: 300 (or extension of your choice)
    Enabler: 6 (or your choice)
    Disabler: 5 (or your choice)

    In FXO settings, Route incoming calls to 77777

    For this customer, Extension 199 has unconditional call forwarding turned on and points to answering service. Extension 300 is an internal ring group. We then programmed a function key on end users phones to speed dial *77. When the user presses the key they are prompted to enter a feature code: 5 for when they are leaving the office, 6 for when they return.
    Hope this helps someone!

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