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Thread: Opening electric gates from incoming FXO/SIP call

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    Question Opening electric gates from incoming FXO/SIP call

    Hi all,
    I have a Quadro4x that I use for 'normal' PBX functions - and I have an electric gate intercom unit which is actually a POTS telephone connected to one of the FXS extensions.
    As well as being able to talk to a vistor, the gate intercom unit can recieve DTMF to trigger the electric gates 'open' relay.
    Using this function, any call that is routed to the gate panel can open the gate using the appropriate DTMF, so I can use a mobile phone as a remote gate opener by calling a specific (gate) FXO (or SIP) number.

    I have configured rules such that incoming calls to the gate FXO are routed to an internal dummy 'extension' - optionally only from specific CLIs and also optionally when a specific post dial DTMF string is detected (although these options are currently not active, so ANY call to the gate FXO is forwarded unconditionally to the dummy extension).
    That internal extension uses a Caller ID service to call the gate extension with the DTMF post dial that triggers the relay.
    So a mobile phone call to a specific number opens the gate = any mobile phone can be a gate remote.

    That all works just fine, except this process picks up (answers) the incoming FXO call and only drops it when the gate extension drops the connection after the relay closure - which incurs a (mobile) call cost every time.

    What I would like to do is for the internal call to the gate to be set up when an incoming call is detected, but for the incoming call to remain unanswered - ideally immediately disconnected/dropped.

    Something like: 'Immediately terminate incoming call, but set up internal call to the internal gate extension'

    Any suggestions as to how to achieve this?

    Thanks, AJC

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    2N Door intercoms - analogue and IP have inbuilt timers to close the call down. You dont mention what the door phone unit is which is where I would expect the timer to reside.

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    @KS - It's made by a company called InterQuartz - and yes, it has a timeout which I have set to 10 secs.
    However, it's already too late as the original incoming call has already been answered - incurring the charge.

    What I would like to do is to have an incoming call ring signal (in my case, SIP) generate an internal call to the gate, and terminate (drop) the incoming call before it is actually answered.

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    Thinking further about this, could Auto-Callback be used for this function?
    If so, an example would be useful...


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    And further...
    Using call routing (CRT) for inbound SIP calls seems not to allow multi-stage calling (eg 13,,313 - gate FXS pause gate DTMF code). Even forwarding inbound SIP to a dummy extension that has multi-stage calling fails.

    However, if incoming SIP is NOT routed to CRT by unchecking 'Route all incoming SIP calls to Call Routing' , then I CAN use unconditional forwarding do do the job, but there is this warning on bote the UI and in the manual:
    1 - ATTENTION: Regardless of whether the Route all incoming SIP calls to Call Routing checkbox is selected or not, SIP calls from external callers will or may go to the Call Routing table.
    This appears to imply an unreliability of inbound SIP call processing - is that really the case?

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    Hi Alistair.Campbell
    1) two stage dialing in Call Routing table works only for FXS, FX0, ISDN and T1/E1 calls. For SIP calls it doesn't work.
    2) If 'Route all incoming SIP calls to Call Routing' is unchecked then 4x will try to connect the call directly to extension, if there is an extension with user name as in SIP INVITE message. If there is no such extension then 4x tries to connect the call via Call Routing table. If 'Route all incoming SIP calls to Call Routing' is checked then 4x skips the first step (trying to connect directly to extension) and tries to connect via Call Routing Table
    3) You were asking about auto-callback.
    You can initiate auto call back by one of the following means:
    - calling to 4x from iQall (mobile application for iPhone and Android). In that case 4x will call you back and then you dial the DTMFs to open the gate.
    - configuring callback on Extensions -> Authorized Phones GUI page. In this case, you call to 4x and close the call after the first ring. 4x calls you back and then you dial the door opener extension number and when the call is connected - dial the DTMFs for opening the door.
    In both cases above 4x will pay for calls to your mobile.

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    @hrant - thanks for reply.
    I was trying to get an inbound(sip) call to trigger a call(back), but to the gate extension with following DTMF, so it all happens automatically. Is that actually possible?
    Plus, it it possible to get the 4x to drop the inbound call automatically (so the caller does not have to do itand still trigger a callback?
    As in: User hits 'Gate' favourite on phone > call starts to 4x > 4x detects inbound > 4x drops inbound and sets up auto-call to gate extension > gate answers > 4x sends 'open' DTMF... ie remote opening from phone without incurring call cost and without the driver having to interact. I've got most of the way there with the exception of having to make a charged call...

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    there is no direct way to do what you want but there is a trick you can probably use:
    - install iQall application on your mobile. It is free application (for iPhone or Android) you can download from Apple or Google store.
    - configure it with your 4x as described in documentation. However, in configuration, instead of your mobile number enter the 4x Auto Attendant number (for example, 11)
    - goto 4x and create Auto Attendant 11 and replace its welcome message wave file with the wave file containing the DTMF sequence you need for opening the gate.
    - now open iQall and dial the gate extension number. iQall will send HTTP request to 4x. It will initiate a call to AA 11, then connect that call to gate extension and play the DTMFs to gate extension.
    For this kind of call from iQall you have to pay just for 2-3 Kbytes data traffic from mobile.

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