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Thread: Forward inbound anonymous ( no caller ID ) calls with Quandro E1T1 gateway

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    Default Forward inbound anonymous ( no caller ID ) calls with Quandro E1T1 gateway

    Is it possible to forward all inbound anonymous calls to a specific number?

    In our current configuration, external users can call desk lines directly, this allows the telemarketing persons to all anyone in the company as long as they have the number.
    I would like to forward all anonymous calls to our receptionist to handle first.

    I checked the call routing page, looks like it can only route phone calls base on the "To" number.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Actually, the call routing rules may consider the calling number as well. You have to enable the "Filter on Source / Modify Caller ID" checkbox on the first page of the call routing wizard and then, later in the wizard, you can see the "Source Filter... " page. On that page you can specify the range of calling numbers to be served by the rule.
    Thus, for your specific application, you have to create two rules; one will rout the calls to your extension (if the caller ID does exist) and another will rout to operator (if the caller ID doesn't exist), The first rule will have [0-9]* in "Source Number Pattern" (meaning that there should be at least one digit in the caller ID) and the second rule will have just * in "Source Number Pattern (meaning that the Caller ID doesn't need to have any digit). For both rules the "Source Type" should be E1/T1.
    I hope it helps.

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    Thanks, I found the configuration page, I tried with forwarding calls from my mobile phone, it worked very well.
    I will try the rule for the anonymous sometime later.

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