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    Default New IP Phones

    Need to purchase new phones for our office and need some advice

    Will need a four exec phones and others can be entry level.
    Looking at the following GRANDSTREAM GXV3275 for myself simply cause it got Bluetooth inbuilt, YEALINK T42G, POLYCOM VVX 400 as exec level phones
    and GRANDSTREAM GXP1628 as entry level phones..

    Anyone have specific experience with these and how they provision with epygi 2x2.
    The office does not have a techie and so want everything plug n play...


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    Check the "Line" settings of the Quadro and have a look at the phone supported list, that will guide you to which phones will be "Auto Configurable" from the Quadro.

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    Yep.. Can Epygi please add the Grandstream GXP1630 to the auto config as well please.. Just had to manually configure 30 of these. i do not want to do that again..

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