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Thread: Trying to Connect Issue w/ 2x

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    I've got a 2x running the latest firmware, which works fine except for making an out going call.

    Once the call is initiated, I get a blank for about 2-3 seconds, then
    the trying to connect message. the call will then connect after about
    10 seconds (from call initiation)

    I know it's something to do with a delay between the 2x and the
    ITSP/ISP as it doesnt do it if I dial through a softphone that is
    registered directly (ie not through the 2x)

    Anyone know what settings to edit so that the call goes through quicker?

    If there are no settings for the 2x and the problem lies with the
    ITSP/ISP, what questions should I be raising with them to resolve the


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    Probably that is the delay introduced by your ITSP. Try to capture the packets on the WAN interface of Quadro and compare the timestamps of the first SIP INVITE message which Quadro is sending to ITSP (after making the call) and the first SIP 180 Ringing packet it receives from ITSP. If the time difference between those two timestamps equals to delay you are experiencing then share that information with your ITSP and ask them to fix the problem. Otherwise, submit the ticket to Epygi's technical support.

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    Thx hrant,

    Still a bit new to this, but how would you capture and compare the timestamps?

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    Hi, you can use the capture tool that is embedded to Quadro.Type "netcapture/cgi" on your browser's address bar right after Quadro IP Address or Hostname (http://Quadro_IP_Address_or_Hostname/netcapture.cgi), select "WAN Interface", "Capture Specific Protocol Packets" and "SIP packets", press "Start capture" and make somecall to outside using your ITSP account. After getting "trying to connect" wait until the call will be established, then press "Stop Capture", download thecapture fileand open it with any capture/sniffer program, like Ethereal. Find the Quadro "Invite" message and "180 Ringing", then compare the times between that 2 messages. Edited by: aramk

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