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Thread: Getting Gmail to work with LAN only connection

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    Default Getting Gmail to work with LAN only connection

    First, I have to admit that I know very little about VoIP and less about the Quadro. I am a general IT consultant tasked with maintaining an Epygi Quadro for a client site along with all the other things that have a wire attached or a screen on them or a keyboard or just seem too confusing to learn. I do the best I can and rely on these forums quite a bit for helpful tips when things go horribly wrong.

    The Executive Director at my client site called me this morning to tell me he was leaving the country this afternoon (plenty of notice) and wanted to check his voicemail periodically when he was away. He asked if that was possible without using his phone. I don't really want to port forward to the Web interface for all the world to have a stab at the entire phone system, so I said I would just set his voicemail to send the message to his email. No big deal. I saw this setting in the setup and it's pretty simple. You gotta butter the top of the bread, right? That's where the fun started. I ticked the box and got a message that the mail feature wasn't activated. No problem...I'll activate it. Sent a quick test email just to make sure and all fell apart.

    I'm offsite using a VPN to take care of most day-to-day things remotely, including this.

    The client uses the Epygi as an appliance with the WAN port disconnected. It works just fine until you need to send an email through I pinged by name and IP, changed the DNS, no avail. That's actually how I discovered that the WAN port was disconnected. I've seen the device just one time locked away in a closet in another locked room to which I have no key, so my best bet is to NOT have to go to the site to do any rewiring. I'd probably have to pull a fresh cable to this thing, which would eat up a lot of time if it didn't work. A hardware fix was my last option. Also, I was pretty comfy right where I was sitting. Time to get a little creative. I could ping internal addresses. That was a start.

    I scoured the forum and found nothing on this matter (without adding the WAN cable and messing with a lot of MAC addresses), so I did the next best thing...I set up a static route to by IP to use the client's default gateway (assuming that this would send the traffic out the LAN port, which it did). I know the gmail SMTP server has many addresses in the pool, but I only needed one. It looks like this: (yep, that confusing but all too useful /32 netmask). => 192.168.1.x

    You also have to set the SMTP host as that IP address in Mail settings.

    Tried a test email, and it worked. question is if I just did a static route of => 192.168.1.x, would that do away with this whole WAN port issue and send all traffic through the LAN port, or would I have an untenable mess on my hands? Like I said, I don't know a lot about VoIP and even less about the Quadro. In my mind, it works.

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    The Epygi Quadro has been designed around Wan and Lan segments. Using the Wan and creating Static Routers on the Wan is a good thing.

    Creating routing on the Lan side I believe = "untenable mess on your hands?" - RTP and SIP packets external from the Epygi Quadro are usually meant for the Wan port. There is IDS inside the Epygi Quadro that comes into its own, and will block a sneeze if it could...sometimes its too good...

    Suggestion, use the Wan of the Epygi Quadro, plug that into the modem router and assign a different IP segment to it from the Lan. Hopefully the Epygi Quadro Lan is a different IP range from your PC's .. if it isn't, you have to get very creative with your IP Addressing... but still use the Epygi Quadro Wan !!!

    The above is purely what I have found works well, it also keeps Voice Traffic separate to PC Traffic and clean. The customer will have a better telephone experience and less headache for you because VoIP applications are Real Time, whereas PC's are Best Effort. Many an IT person has failed because they forget that little bit of difference.

    If you have a QOS Smart Network Switch that can auto VLAN then plug in the Epygi Quadro Wan and give it the same VLan as your PC's / Modem and the IP Phones and Epygi Quadro Lan on its own VLan.

    Just my 2 cents...

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