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Thread: single phone codec issues

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    Default single phone codec issues

    Have a single phone which was working fine before a recent IP address change.
    Now the phone for both incoming and outgoing calls the phone is not receiving the voice from the other end.
    For example receiving an incoming call the caller can hear my voice but I can not hear the callers voice..

    Codecs used is the same as always, G711u, G711a, G729a..

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    Re "a recent IP address change."

    Was this due to a Wan IP Change or something else...

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    Yes was a WAN IP change..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjnorris View Post
    Yes was a WAN IP change..
    Check the rtp settings on the Epygi in case you have embedded the old External IP or the router itself... sounds like it is a natting issue...

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    What am I looking for in specific, as the RTP settings have no IP address field.. Anyway I just went thru each codec and made a slight change and saved hoping it will flush any previous settings but still the same issue..

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    If it is a Yealink handset, an older series one, it might be the G711u codec support in the phone causing the issue. I recently had a weird fault on several models of Yealink handsets, where i had to:

    Uncheck "force self codecs" on the extension settings of the quadro
    Remove G711u from the codec selection of the Yealink handsets

    Then I was able to receive audio, I had a paging problem.

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