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    Hello everyone
    I am experiencing a strange problem on my M8L
    I have just had a 100mb down and 40mb up internet service connected. I thought I'd get the Quadro to do the logging on, which it does. The problem I have is that the Quadro slows the download speed down to 30mb with an upload of 38mb. I can increase this speed to 50mb down if I disable the IDS. I have checked the LAN and WAN settings on the networkphycfg.cgi hidden page and they are both set to 100m fd. There is nothing connected in front of the unit and when I go back to my netgear modem, the speed jumps back to 96mb down and 38mb up. Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so, does anyone know of a fix?
    Thanks for your help
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    Have you set the network interfaces on the M8L to 100 MB Full? check out the hidden page and make it 100 mb full

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