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Thread: M8L FTP issue

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    Default M8L FTP issue

    I have a call recording box configured to record all calls then send the calls to a server in our environment via FTP. I can navigate to the FTP site in both IE and Windows Explorer ( add and remove files; however when the Epygi tries to send a recording, I receive an error that the FTP site is off line.
    My settings:
    FTP Mode
    Server Name:
    Server Port: 21
    User Name: FTP_User
    PW: <XXXXXX>
    Directory on Server: PhoneRecordings

    Error message in Epygi event viewer: Transient upload error: please check the FTP server state. System will stop uploading the recording [scans/4016581921-605 sec-102] from Recording Box 110 if server will not go online in 39 hours

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    Have you checked permissions of "PhoneRecordings" directory on FTP server? You should give "read", "write" and "create" permissions to Epygi because it creates folders on server and inserts recording files there.

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    Thanks Davit. When you say give permissions to Epygi, are you referring to the user "FTP_User" or a different user? The FTP_User does have full control rights to the folder

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