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Thread: Epygi QUADRO-ISDN Trunk status Zabbix monitoring

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    Default Epygi QUADRO-ISDN Trunk status Zabbix monitoring

    I have Epygi QUADRO-ISDN 5.0.11 and want to monitor Quadro Status - Hardware Status with Zabbix

    I manage to implement SMTP on Epgyi and on Zabbix, but i dont know how to monitor this part (4 Trunks and their status.) Quadro Status - Hardware Status

    Sometimes people cannot dial into the company on their main number. The line appears esentially dead. At this point I can access the Quadro via the web interface and SYSTEM -> STATUS -> Hardware shows the 4 used ISDN Trunks as..

    link - 1 is up, synchronization down
    link - 2 is up, synchronization down
    link - 3 is up, synchronization down
    link - 4 is up, synchronization down

    I then have to restart the trunks and everything is fine within the office.

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    On the ISDN, You need to set layer 2 as permanently up or the channels go to sleep.... common problem with isdn.

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    Thank you for answering mate.

    Do you know, is there an SNMP Trap that will return Quadro Status values as i posted on picture?
    What do i need to query to get these results?

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